Eat Healthy. Live Healthy.

Come join us at Holly Rock Natural Farms on a health adventure that will beef up your life in remarkable ways. Our meat is lean, clean, grass fed and finished, higher in heart healthy Omega 3’s, vitamins, and cancer fighting nutrients not present in what you’ll typically find at the grocery store. Our Dexter cows graze on a variety of mineral rich grasses in the valleys of the north Georgia mountains. We delight in sharing this nutrient dense protein source with anyone who wants to upgrade their body and life.


Our Cows

At Holly Rock Natural Farms we raise Dexter, a heritage breed from Southern Ireland.  We chose these beautiful bovines for several reasons — their adaptability to heat and cold, easy calving, gentle nature and their outstanding conversion rate of forage to quality lean meat. This smaller breed cow feels at home in our mountain valleys and produces a delectable meat with a dark red color and excellent flavor.

We practice MIG (managed intensive grazing), a model that moves the cows daily to fresh pasture and water with portable electric fence. This modern mob-grazing technique keeps our grass roots strong while keeping pathogens and parasites in check because the cows are never in one place too long to let them build up.  Besides grass, we give the cows free choice salt and natural kelp -- minerals needed for good health and missing in the soil. These management practices eliminate the need for chemical de-wormers which can taint the meat with toxins.

Our Mission

We believe that high quality food sustains good health which is why we grow the best natural, replenishable grasses to feed our cows so they can provide the needed nutrients we ingest. We are dedicated to raising our cows without hormones, antibiotics, steroids, pesticides or chemical fertilizers on our pastures. We treat our little swath of earth and animals with great respect by stewarding them in a sustainable way, working to replenish resources that improve the environment.

The following benefits make it worth all the time and effort we put into raising our grass fed beef. According to, grass fed beef is proven to be higher in omega 3 fatty acids and is shown to reduce bad cholesterol, is higher in potentially life-saving "good fats", and is higher in CLA, a known cancer fighting nutrient not present in corn-finished cattle. Grass fed beef is also lower in calories than a feedlot finished steer, and higher in vitamins B6 and B12.

Why Now?

Over the years our country has gradually industrialized our food production for maximum efficiency forgetting that some things (like animals) cannot be mass produced without a great price being paid for the health of the animal, the natural quality of its product and the environment. With consumer awareness and education, the pendulum is finally swinging back. We are beginning to recognize that the food that our great-grandmothers used to eat was the healthiest because it was not a manipulated food product. Food was the REAL THING with nothing hurried and unnaturally added to enhance, fatten or give it longer shelf life. At Holly Rock Natural Farms there's no industrialized, rushed process. We keep the cows on grass from 24-30 months before they are ready for processing.

We are a transparent family farm and we'd be delighted to show you our great-grandmother style management practices. Please feel free to contact us at any time to take a guided tour.

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